Pacific Guardian

Pacific Guardian was carved in January 2010 from a beautiful deep dark green NZ Nephrite Jade found in the Rimu Hills near Hokitika in Westland NZ and the base is native NZ Rimu timber. Pacific Guardian is 95mm high and 85mm wide and took 46 hours to carve and hand polish. The whale design is a strong symbol of strength and great power, and the single wave is a reflection of the biggest ocean on our planet, the Pacific Ocean. It is Gordon's hope that these impressive mammals will be around for along time, and that our decendents way into the future can watch these beautiful whales in the ocean like he has done in seas around New Zealand and Canada. Sadly New Zealand's promotion of 100% Pure NZ is not so pure. Since 1995 the New Zealand Government has been spreading 1080 poison by helicopters into NZ's beautiful landscape, mountains, National Parks and over water catchments. The Poison 1080 is banned by most countries, but in New Zealand is used to eradicate the Brush Tail Possum and other introduced animals. After each 1080 drop the dead carcasses of animals, birds and fish get into the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. 1080 poison is toxic to anything that eats it, even dead carcasses remain very toxic for long periods of time and secondary poisoning happens. Hense the fish in the sea are eatting these poisoned carcasses and just maybe they could end up on a dinner plate somewhere. Anyway this beautiful sculpture the Pacific Guardian is on display in the studio. For ¥95,500 JPY Post Free this sculpture would look very impressive in your sculpture collection.

Deadly use of 1080 Poison in NZ
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Pacific Guardian

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